Differences between a Dedicated and Shared Hosting

Hosting services, both dedicated and shared, have helped many individuals to have an online presence. Although both web hosting services are beneficial, they have large differences from each other. Knowing the main differences that distinguish a shared hosting from a dedicated hosting is helpful to choose.

The differences between the space offered by shared hosting and dedicated hosting are clearly noticeable. A dedicated hosting offers greater freedom of space and configuration on the server.

The person who opts for a dedicated hosting service has high security and has full access to the settings.

On the contrary, shared hosting does not allow clients to exercise control over server configurations. In addition, because the space and memory are shared, the speed of the website could be affected.

That happens when traffic or visits increase on the other websites of the shared server.

Due to the freedom in configuration offered by dedicated hosting, the user must have knowledge to be able to manage the server. This knowledge of a technical and administrative nature about the server is necessary to take advantage of the exclusive web hosting.

On the contrary, customers who choose shared hosting are relieved because it has a simple operation. Shared servers are pre-configured, so your users do not need to have knowledge to handle them.

Shared hosting providers offer help in taking care of server maintenance and administration.

One point where there is also a difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is price. Dedicated web hosting services are much more expensive because of the benefits they offer. On the contrary, shared hosting services have plans with different and lower prices.

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