Domain host

Domain host

When we refer to the host of a domain, we mean the Internet service that is responsible for managing domain names. Like for example «». DNS (also known as domain name system registrations) are very famous; These are the hosts primarily responsible for connecting any address of a website with all the services that can be offered on the Internet.

Currently, the hosts are very popular and for this reason here we will name the best domain hosts you will find in the markets: Enom, Godaddy, 1 & 1 IONOS and Dream Host, these are the 4 hosts that are at the top of Los Best hosts of world domination. To get into the domain host topic, we need to easily know what a host is and what a domain is.

Above on the best domain host


Enom is one of the best known companies in the Internet world, it was founded in 1997 and until today we can only find it available in English, so Enom is a domain name registrar and also a web host whose main objective is to avoid repeating domain names and they can have a good structure.

Enom also sells some products, such as email services, website creation software and SSL certificates. Currently, Enom is in charge of managing around 15 million domains worldwide.

Go daddy

Godaddy is one of the best known private companies worldwide, it is characterized by offering quality services, generally its services are related to domain registration, SSL certificates and web hosting.

Godaddy in 2010 reached the highest number of Internet administration domains, thus achieving control of 40 million domain names that had to be administered simultaneously. Currently, we can say that Godaddy is the most successful organization in terms of domain registration and that it is the largest domain registration organization in the world.

The services offered by Godaddy are among the best you can find on the Internet, in this order of ideas, if you were looking for a good server to register your domain name, this is the most appropriate.

1 and 1 ION

This is the best option to find a solution to cloud and hosting problems. Well, in IONOS you will find experts in troubleshooting your server that will be sent online.

This is the best option if you are starting in the world of domain hosting, because here you can find an easier to understand scheme and also give you a solution to any problem quickly and easily.

If you choose to buy any IONOS product, you can be sure that you are buying one of the products with great performance and that it will give you better functionality.

IONOS has won first place to the best hosting servers for many years and here we can see its services. Therefore, it will now be the largest personal assistance provider for professional advice on domain hosting.


Dreamhost is one of the best hosting companies. However, although some failures have been found when there are an excess of thousands and thousands of visits, these failures have been resolved, although there are those who say that the only solution is to pass Hosting.

But before saying that this is just an accommodation for beginners, you should know that with Dreamhost you can enjoy unlimited data transfer, unlimited storage so you can store a large amount of content, large databases (SQL) in addition to saving Every domain you want. want.

We cannot forget to mention that thanks to the help of the dream host, people can enjoy 4 different types of Hosting, within these types of Hosting you will find: Shared Hosting, Private Hosting or also known as VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and WordPress Hosting .

Although there is more hosting, these are the ones that will offer you the best benefits and, although they have some details, these are minimal. On the other hand, the great advantages that you will get once you register in any of the accommodations that we have just recommended is that you will have a good quality of service and will not pay too much for all the benefits you will get.

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