How does hosting and domain work?

How does hosting and domain work?

Nowadays many users want to implement business or projects through the internet and when they want to know what they should do to get them started and run they run into many questions that turn their heads around, such as what name do I put to my company? Or what should I do to be seen on the web by users and interested in what we offer? Do not despair, we will not let you know what you need to start with a project on the web.

The first thing you should have to start your website is with a “hosting”, a service designed to give internet users a type of hosting or hosting for web pages or any application, where they can store a quantity of data without limit or content that is accessible through the web.

In order for this hosting server to work properly and access the web through our favorite browser, it must have its inseparable ally such as the “domain”, being known as the unique name that you will give to your project that you will implement on the internet, where they You will make it easier for users to enter the name of your web page through their browser and thus access your page content faster.

How does hosting work?

When creating a website to host it on the web you must have the services of a company specialized in hosting, so you can have a space on a server, these companies or the provider will be responsible for providing you with the different payment methods that adapt to your comfort and your pocket, where you must pay the amount agreed with the company regularly so that the server continues to function properly.

Some of these companies give you a 30-day trial package with a basic plan, to find out if it works for you, but if your website becomes more famous over time you can opt for a more expensive plan and more benefits. The services offered by companies are to stay on a web server, then include all the data provided by the user as the data of your website and that these are available online and also that at the time you want to type in the search bar of your default browser the address of your web page on any computer, this makes a request to the web service and that is how you access the page.

How does the domain work?

The domain is to establish an original name created in your own way, there should be no equal, if what you wonder is how to check if your domain is accessible or unique on the internet? There are many pages that are dedicated to help you with this type of task, it is possible that the name you thought has already been assigned by another company, these pages will give you this information and tell you what that company specializes in.

When acquiring a domain, it must be registered on an authorized server depending on the extension you provide, then it will register all host servers that will contain its services such as, your website or your email, among others , where this point is known as the «DNS» service, if any change is made to the records automatically there must be a synchronization with the other servers that exist in the world, in this way they will ensure that the information is kept updated This is known as the «DNS» propagation, this is a process that takes about 24 to 72 hours.

But you will wonder how the record is controlled? This is done through the management of IP addresses (known as the Internet Protocol, it is an assigned number within the network, in order to know where it is located and who manages it) this process is carried out by organizations and companies that are responsible for regulating the Internet network, in the same way these companies have the authorization to make domain name registrations, where these companies are responsible for providing you with features of greater administration of “DNS” from their information base.

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