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Search for available domains

Search for available domains

When we want to start a business or project on the web, it is very difficult for us to do to get the attention of the public, since many ideas that we have can be small in front of many companies that are doing very well today, where we We think about how they did those companies that started with crumbs and that are currently the most requested and searched on the internet.

Seeing what these companies go through and how they became so recognized overnight, we stop a little to think, wondering what would happen if I implement a website that guarantees me the same? where you should keep in mind that these companies to gain so much fame went through a series of processes on the web to position themselves in a good range.

In order for you to start this project, the first thing you need to do is to host your website on the Internet being a somewhat difficult task, since you must have the necessary resources for you to start the project. After hosting your web page, carefully think about how you want your website to be called when it is searched on the web, always remembering that it has to be a totally unique name that no one else owns and that the extension that goes then be consistent with the name and what you will offer on your website.

How do I know if my domain name is correct or available?

 You will do this through websites that will provide you with a unique domain. How do they do it? Simple, through domain search engines, which will basically do the homework for you. In what sense? First they will ask you to write the name you have designed for your domain, this search engine will do an exhaustive search in a few seconds throwing you results either positive or negative, but that is not all, if the name you want to use is already available, these search engines also they will give you the option to give you some example of the available names that you can use, changing the occasional letter or the extension, but keep in mind that the name you will use is easy to remember, so that all those users can remember it easily, always avoid to put some difficult character to remember, since when looking for you on the web we may have some inconvenience because of the name you provided so that a problem is generated and we do not give the page indicated by you.

Some of the domain search engines that can be found today and well known by the different users who are in this world of creating web pages can be:

GoDaddy one of the most famous and recognized companies worldwide for providing infinite benefits, being the main one in looking for a domain, even that, we can also transfer a domain without creating a new one and if you do not own one you can easily create it Of course, to create and register it we must cancel a paid plan, but in fact it is a good option that you can take where they offer you very compromising advantages such as the acquisition of domains, subdomains and extensions totally free or unlimited, you will also have the opportunity to do some kind of auction in what are the domains, to sell them at high prices.
Just like GoDaddy, we also have Mr.Domain where he focuses more on what web hosting is, but without taking off what domains are, just like GoDaddy allows us to register and transfer a domain, but what differentiates this search engine, is that the prices of the domains are somewhat more accessible than GoDaddy, DonDomain offers us the possibility of doing a massive search of domains of both countries and different extensions.
Another very popular search engine and used by many is Namecheap positioning itself for competitiveness and transparency in its prices, also for offering you security and privacy, of course it also counts on looking for domains through a very intuitive menu completely in English, many of the plans Offering in domain are always accompanied by an extra, I feel this attractive to catch customers.