What are domain providers?

What are domain providers?

Domain providers are those companies on the web that provide us with what we need, in this case a domain to develop our project, such as the page or website, thanks to this we can have many options to choose from at the moment of wanting to create our domain name, currently there are countless providers that will help and facilitate us to realize our domain.

We must keep in mind that many of these providers have different plans to pay, where you will choose the one that suits your pocket and comfort.

When making a domain purchase you will probably see it simple without any problem, we will not lie to you, but if it is easy to buy a domain, but what we have to be very aware of, it is in the domain registrars that we select, because there are many Scammer pages, we must also do our best to choose a domain provider that is reliable and secure, since if we select a good corresponding provider we will have many advantages that such providers provide you, such as managing emails, registering and modifying DNS of Easy way and the occasional task we need, without a doubt a great help.

Best-known domain providers with affordable prices


 It is a certified Spanish company specialized in web hosting, emails and domain registration. This company stands out for the vast clientele and for the variety of domain and extensions they offer us. It has a very didactic panel, where you can access and check the services it offers us easily.

This company offers us a multitude of tasks that it gives us to choose, where we will spend hours reviewing what each room contains and apart from that it is also divided into several sub-rooms, giving you to choose more options, as we said before it specializes in what is the term domain, giving you a wide variety of them without knowing what to do or which to choose, knowing that most at very reasonable prices.

 What does vary in prices are the different extensions that will give your website that approval you want, where you must clearly choose the extension that matches the name of your company that you want to host on the web, since if there is no concordance There won’t be that market fluency you want.

 Just as it offers us to register or create domains, it also offers web hosting by dividing it into 4 modes to choose from, whether it is a basic, professional, advanced or corporate one and finally it also specializes in what are the SSL certificates that consist in choosing the amount of domains that you want to own, if it will be used in a company or individual and what type of security you will need, after choosing wisely I will give you a certificate that will be according to what you selected with an estimated value that you will pay annually, offering varieties of benefits that you will not You can let go.


An excellent company that like DonDomain gives you the ability to register domains, create or even transfer them, web hosting and of course security in everything it offers. Namecheap, although its page is entirely in English, has positioned itself in the market quickly and this is because it stands out in some key factors to opt for it.

The prices they handle are a target shot in comfort and accessibility, much cheaper than other providers, they also have a point in favor, that if you make a purchase of the domain through its page, it will not have any additional cost for 1 year and the best thing is that it will give privacy to the other providers since it will not be seen what domain you have acquired

 The management of the DNS is an infallible bet, safe and out of any danger, being always available without problems, the prices are wonderful and the best thing is that when you buy what you want at the end of the purchase you will not run into any unexpected increase .

Some of the prices they provide us even if you see them very high, do not be alarmed, since it will have some extras that will provide us with great help, such as an online chat about any questions, protection services, reliable DNS and an email totally free.

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