What are virtual servers?

What are virtual servers?

These servers have software created so that several virtual servers can be hosted on a single computer, sharing with each other or expanding hardware resources.

When using a virtual server in a company or by any user on your page or website, you will not only have the IP address or domain name, but you can also manage the documents or files directory, direct some assignments, can not miss emails, statistical analysis, keep passwords and manage multiple records.

We know that many times you come across different names of servers such as dedicated or shared and on the other hand the idea of ​​opting for a virtual server, then if you do not know very well what each one will give you to know the differences which owns each of these servers.

Difference between a virtual server, shared or dedicated server

When choosing a dedicated server, you will acquire a completely whole server, which is an excellent option for users who have a reasonable amount of creep on their website.

 But we have to know that most users do not need to opt for a server that is completely complete for their website to work, the alternative they must choose will already be by the same users, where they will choose the one they like, since It will be based on the type of server that suits your needs and comfort of your website.

The options you can choose will always depend on what purpose and use your server will give you.

If you choose to choose a shared server you will have the possibility of owning an entire server between different people, with the same conditions each of these servers, as well as the IP address that will be unique for all the sites that make up this server and the different characteristics which the server shares as the processor or memory.

If this shared server does not work for you, you can also choose the virtual servers, where this server can be separated into several positions, turning the different servers into a small scale. Each virtual server will have its own memory that it will not share with the other addresses of the servers, although both belong to the same server, the same happens with the IP address where each one will be different for each virtual server.

If we can realize the advantages offered by a virtual server are almost similar to that of a dedicated server but as we know on a smaller scale.

If you are thinking of opting for a dedicated server but the cost is very high or you are not 100% sure of what you want, it is best that you opt for a virtual server being a better alternative without a doubt.

What benefits does a VPS server give us?

They are very comfortable, accessible in prices and best of all, it offers greater control and power as a dedicated server would offer you.

If you still do not decide on a virtual server, I will provide some benefits that this server provides that can be of great help.

We already know that it is a fully customizable server, there is no doubt about it, it is very similar to a dedicated server, but this virtual server allows you to install your own operating system, with which you will customize the functions and applications installed on that server.
Another very good point is that it is very private, since you will not be able to share your operating system or your IP address, there is no possibility that your page or website is shared with another server and less access to your files.
In any installation or update that you have to provide to the server it is necessary that you restart it as it is done on any computer, but do not worry the virtual servers can be restarted at any time or time without affecting the data or the different websites installed in that team.

The amount of advantages that this server offers you, are equal to those of a dedicated server but emphasizing that even more accessible and reasonable price, that is to say a quality-price server that cannot be overlooked.

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