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What free hosting and domains can we get?

What free hosting and domains can we get?

Hosting leads a fundamental role in the process of implementing a project through the web, it is always recommended that you choose to buy a web hosting that provides you with security and reliability, but we also take into account that many times you do not want to spend what Little saved or you simply do not have the possibility to pay for a Hosting, so it would be best to focus on a Hosting that is totally free, I know that you wonder What free Hosting should I use? Don’t worry, I will show you some that specialize and focus on different objectives for you to choose from.

When acquiring a free Hosting it is very important that the provider provides you with a minimum storage space, good performance and a remarkable monthly transfer.

 Free hosting that will be of great help

If you are looking for a good monthly transfer, choose X10Hosting with an unlimited transfer, since others that are free do not have a sufficient transfer and the one they own is only for small projects.

If what you want is a good support, like the one that many paid companies offer you, the best thing is that you choose AwardSpace and LucusHost since both are totally free, with a 24-hour support and that’s not all, you can choose it now either in English or Spanish.

When we talk about managing an interface in an easy way that each provider gives us, FreeHosting and LucusHost come into play here.

The different providers that we are naming are one of the many most reliable that offer enough features for small projects, many of them have paid versions, but in many of those named you will not need to pay to enjoy more of the services offered in The free version.

But we must emphasize that 000WebHosting, AwardSpace and LucusHost can have a free Hosting and in turn a totally own domain, which is of utmost importance if you want to start a website.

And if what you want is to have an SSL security certificate, LucusHost is the most appropriate, since it is one of the many that incorporates this benefit, but you must take into account that for you to have greater enjoyment of this Hosting it is very necessary that You hire a domain.

Free domains

The truth that it hurts many is that domains are not really free, since domains that have common extensions and widely used today as well as those of a higher level, have management companies that pay a kind of commission to have the right to sell these domains.

At present there are different platforms that offer totally free domains with extensions very different from the usual ones and known by few people.

These platforms have been offering this type of service for free for a long time, where they have now become known for countless users, who now also choose to choose this type of service, without having to invest or lose.

The platform best known and used by those users with low resources, is called Freenom a company dedicated to offering free domains with different extensions not known and less accustomed to see next by some people, but the truth is that they can be of great help if What you want is to start with a small project of a page or website. These domains only end with 5 free and most used exemptions such as tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq.

If you really want to own a free domain without the purpose of losing something in exchange, this would be a correct option, without additional charges or long-term limitations.

Aspects you should keep in mind

The owner of these platforms reserves the right to disable any domain that has illegal content, even many owners are not warned when deactivated.
You should also know that the choice you choose for your domain name, you must have some of the 5 extensions that you previously named, which for many users will be a little annoying to remember them clearly. Many of these extensions are already associated with the public’s opinion, knowing that they belong to free domain platforms, where many people no longer stop to check these websites, because they know they are low-income pages and can be scammed.