What is WordPress?

This Tool began its journey in 2003, with the idea that every user had a platform at its disposal to start or create a blog, which is intended for the user to communicate and share information with other users.

With the passing of time this was progressing and updating periodically to this day, nowadays it is no longer a platform clearly dedicated to the creation of blogs, it is now reserved and is fully capable of creating any type of web, be it stores online, personal websites, corporate websites, blogs, among others.

WordPress or also known by its acronym in English CMS, which means «Content Management System» and translated «Content Management System» is also completely free and also uses MySQL and PHP, which makes it compatible with different web servers.

The best thing about this platform is that it offers users a completely intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Any user who knows how to use Microsoft Office will undoubtedly make it very easy to use WordPress.

Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

When most users search on Google or another WordPress search engine you will find two very related sites such as WordPress.org and WordPress.com, which will undoubtedly be very confusing for those users who do not really know if they are make a difference

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