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Where to host my free website?

Where to host my free website?

If what you are thinking is to implement a large website, to offer a large number of products or offers to a large audience, the first thing you should know is that a free hosting has many limitations when it comes to hosting your website. , either by a limit depending on the size of the web or by it the daily fluidity that it will possess, but in what we must be clear and aware, it is that none of these servers that host free web pages will be specialized to operate at large scales.

But if you want to implement a small website, such as a web style that is personal or a designed website that is practical, free Hosting will undoubtedly be a great option to not have to spend so much and make it easier for us to put our site or online website.

Hosting to host a free web page known today

1mbside: it is a completely simple and free Hosting, designed only for those small web pages with a maximum 1MB hosting, which will not serve for a website with a lot of design and high data.
000WebHost: it is a specialized Hosting with free plans giving us 1GB to host our website, the only thing that is not so pleasant, is that a month will have a traffic with 10GB.
5GBFree: unlike the previous one, this gives us 5GB of free space, with a slightly higher traffic for 20GB, a good option for those small websites, don’t you think so?
Byethost: if what you want is a complete Hosting we have for you this great option, since it does not monitor or restrict us the amount of storage we use and does not give us restriction of the broadband we consume daily.
X10Hosting: a totally free Hosting running around 10 years in the web hosting market, offering the user traffic and storage without ads or daily monitoring, also counting that you can register 3 emails, 2 subdomains and 2 domains totally free.
WebFreeHosting: it is a free Hosting offering a traffic of 5GB per month, 1GB of storage and if that were not enough it does not contain advertising, where you can also add an email account and 3 subdomains.
Lucushost: It is one of the most famous in the free web hosting market, with a relatively acceptable storage of 1GB, 5GB of transfer, 24-hour technical support, and a very intuitive panel such as Cpanel.
SW Hosting: this is another that without the need to make an investment you can get it but limiting the traffic, with only 0.5GB and you can only add 1 email account.
DinaHosting: it is one of the companies that has more than 100 workers offering you this free service, it is one of the many web hosts that has a free version and a paid version, if you want to generate more traffic and storage it offers us 10MB of storage and 1.5GB of transfer per month, ideal for a website that is not for long.
FreeHostia: it is a well-known company worldwide, where you will only have 250MB of storage, but this aside, you can count on the joy of installing WordPress, owning 3 email accounts, storing 5 domains and 6GB of traffic per month, can increase if you pay something extra.
AwardSpace: it is also an excellent alternative to choose, being a company that offers us technical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English, you can also install Joomla and WordPress, 1GB of storage and 5GB of monthly traffic, a tool without a doubt Special to host your website.
Batcave: although it is a page entirely in English, that will not stop you since the way of handling it is very simple, offering very comfortable features such as limited technical support, 1GB of storage, 5GB of monthly traffic and you can also add an email account .
If you do not want to own an external Hosting you can also choose Home Hosting that can serve you like Raspberry Pi and the NAS server, these servers offer us to get rid of many limitations that have a free hosting, although so that this active operating will depend on us with a Internet worked and with a high consumption of electricity.