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It will be the website that every user will need if they want to run a website with the help of WordPress and more when it will be the one that takes care of the web hosting. With the use of WordPress.org the user can download the platform and run into excessive amounts of templates and plugins for free. For the user to host your website you must choose to buy a domain and enroll it in a Hosting plan.

WordPress.org uses MySQL and PHP to work, as mentioned above, these work with any web server, but there are fully specialized WordPress Hosting plans, which are based on an environment as if it were an optimized Hosting, for excellent performance of the content manager.
In a few words for the user to start operating with this option, it will be necessary to go to the page and download the software called WordPress, which is downloaded for free.

Once downloaded, it must be installed in a Hosting and use a domain that is cost-effective for the web to be created. In this case, the user will choose which Hosting and domain will be the one to carry out their management.
This option allows the user to install all the themes or Themes that they want, whether they are paid, free or of their own creation, they can also introduce all kinds of plugins to improve the experience and functionalities, this service compared to the free version not It incorporates any type of advertisement and allows all users to design and personalize to their liking.


This in contrast to the previous one is a Hosting company that uses the content management system for all those blogs it hosts. Any user who registers in the service will get their own blogs with a type of domain, however there are also custom domains, but these are payments. The service plan is free, although it has some limitations.

In short, it is an online service that does not need any additional download for the user to start using it. The user will simply register on the platform and will be able to access to create their blog or website with totally free and easily accessible templates. It will not be necessary to hire a Hosting or a domain, since being free there is a common domain that hosts created pages and blogs.

Advantages of using WordPress

• Easy to use: it is undoubtedly the most accessible and totally simple to use content manager and when it offers the user to create a website and take care of its management.
• Simple installation and update: most users are worried about installing WordPress because they do not know or do not look for ways to do it, but this is something of not worrying, since in most Hosting to install WordPress only One click will be enough for your update, the best of all is that it does not need to be configured.
• Simple administration: users will not need previous programming knowledge to perform the daily tasks that are provided to the platform, such as Install templates and plugins, add menus, manage users, write and edit publications, edit and upload images, among others .
• The platform is completely free and can be used on different websites, except for non-professional websites and other platforms, since they need a Hosting where to stay

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